There are some things that are just strange.

They don’t sound like they could actually be true, but they are. Take lobsters for instance, according to Boredom Therapy, they don’t die of old age, only from external causes. At its launch, the iPhone had the same computing power as NASA in 1969 when it launched the historic manned mission to the moon.

And, the song “Happy Birthday to You” is copyrighted. Warner/Chappell owns the copyright, and continues to insist that no one can sing the “Happy Birthday” lyrics for profit without paying royalties. In 2008, it collected about $5,000 per day ($2 million per year) in royalties for the song.

Hail Seems Strange

Something else that seems strange is that often in the summer, not winter, ice can fall from the sky. It comes in the form hail. Hail occurs during thunderstorms when heat in the atmosphere gives fuel to their formation. Cumulonimbus clouds that can reach over 40,000 feet high into the sky can create conditions that are favorable for the formation of hail.

Hail Storms Can Be Strange

Hail can range in size from pea size to as large as a softball. Thunderstorms create hail by freezing a drop of rain and carrying it up into the freezing levels of the clouds and then dropping it back down where it thaws and collects more droplets of rain and then once again carries it back up freezing it again where the hail pellet grows larger. This process is repeated over and again until the hail stone becomes too heavy to remain aloft and it falls to the ground.

Hail Damage

When those hail stones do fall to the ground, it causes a lot of damage. Cars, homes, and outdoor work takes heavy damages. Those roofers in midland have been busy this year because of all the hail storms they’ve had in West Texas.

These thunderstorms that form can be very dangerous when large hail accompaniments them. The heavier the hailstone, the faster it falls. Hailstones can fall at speeds of over 100 mph depending on the size of the hailstone. The size of hailstones are measured by their diameter. From pea size with a diameter of ¼ inch to softball size which is 4 ½ inches. The largest hailstone on record is measured at 8 inches in diameter and weighing one pound, fifteen ounces.

Thunderstorms with large hail can cause extensive damage to homes, businesses, automobiles, and farm crops. Each year, storms with hail cause over a billion dollars in damages.

At the heart of every major hailstorm Roofing Companies spring into action as first responders. They lead the way in covering damaged roofs with tarps, attaching plywood to broken windows and doors, and in general helping homeowners re-coop a sense of well-being after such a harrowing experience. Professional qualified roofing contractors know how to safely, quickly, and compassionately help homeowners get back to normalcy.

What is “not” strange is, there are great roofing companies whose owners are honest, qualified, and have integrity. They can help lead you through the sometime arduous process of meeting with your insurance adjuster to replacing your roof with a new one.