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Replacing Shingles in the Summer

Is it time to replace your roof? You may have just been through a severe thunder storm that damaged you roof with hail and high wind and you don’t have a choice whether or not to replace it. Or maybe your roof has started leaking, or maybe it is just old and tired… and it looks like it.

Whatever the situation is, there will have to be a number of decisions made concerning the replacement of that roof. One of the questions you may want to ask is; when is the best time of year for me to replace my roof?

*Roofing in an Audi? No, not possible, but the car is nice, isn’t it?

Most shingle manufacturers and roofing installers will tell you the best temperatures to roof should be between 40 and 85 degrees. Asphalt shingles are not easily broken, chipped, or torn at these temperatures. Below 35 degrees and the shingles become easier to damage. They can become hard and brittle. Above 85 degrees the shingles can be easily damaged during installation if you don’t know how work with and walk on the shingles.

During the spring and fall the temperatures are generally ideal. It’s not too cold, and it’s not too hot. Unfortunately not everyone can have their roofs replaced at the same time of year. And many homeowners may not have the luxury of being able to wait until the weather is perfect. So it is important to have quality roofing companies replace your shingles if you choose the summer months.

Temperatures above 90 degrees can make it difficult to install asphalt shingles if the installers don’t pay attention to how their nail guns are set for nailing the shingles down. It is always important to use roofing companies with a proven track record. Working in hot weather is not a problem for seasoned roofers they are used to the heat and the problems that come with it.

Summertime Roofing

Summer is generally a great time for replacing shingles. Shingles become flexible and will lay down on the roof better than any other time of year. There is an adhesive strip on the back of every asphalt shingle that adheres to the shingle beneath it. The hot summer sun causes the strip to attach itself to the shingle below it. This keeps it from lifting and allowing water underneath the shingles during wind and rain. Summer is the perfect time for roofing shingles to lie down and seal themselves to each other.

Early in the day is the best time for roofers to install their shingles. As the sun bears down on the roof the shingles are more apt get scuffed from work and being walked on. Most seasoned roofers know  to start on the opposite side of the roof from the sun. Usually this means they would start on the west side of the roof in the morning and move to the east side in the afternoon.

There are other factors, some pro and some con for replacing your roof in the heat of summer, but a well thought out decision will give you the peace of mind you’re looking for.